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Dried Apple Wreaths

on October 11, 2012

I have had the itch to make some crafts for months now, but have not taken the time to do so. My cousins were visiting recently (whom, because of their age, are referred to by my children as Papa Craig and Papa Tom, and fulfill those roles extremely well indeed). This visit provided much entertainment for my kids and allowed me to sneak in a few minutes here and there for crafting, while still being within earshot. I made an ornament, experimented with some Mason jar crafts, and fiddled with this wreath.

Apples are a sure sign of fall! This wreath was easy and smells oh so yummy!!!
1. I used 4 to 5 apples for a small wreath. Cut from top to bottom in 1/4 inch slices. No need to remove core or peel.
2. Soak slices in a mixture of 1 cup lemon juice to 1 quart water for 10 minutes.
3. Remove from liquid and lay slices on paper towel, patting dry.
4. Sprinkle both sides with some cinnamon.
5. Time to dry the apples! I read that an oven could be used, but I used my food dehydrator, which I received as a Christmas gift. I placed the slices on the bottom 2 racks and rotated the racks throughout the drying time. A total of 6 to 7 hours seemed to work well. Be sure to flip the each slice over a few times throughout the drying process. Note: They will not be dry like apple chips, but rather will be kind of leathery and bendy.
6. You can use yarn, ribbon, twine, etc. to string your apple slices on. I used what is readily on hand here: baling twine. I tied a knot at the end of a length of twine and began sliding the apples on. The bigger slices with holes in the center near the seeds go on easily, while smaller slices may need a hole poked in them. I had a kids paintbrush nearby, the end of which worked well for poking the holes.
7. When all of the slices are on, bring up the end of the string and tie to the knot you first created. Be sure you are leaving some excess string at the top. Bring this excess down to make a loop for hanging. Tie this loop off with the other 2 knots. No rules really. If it works however you do it, then you did it right!
8. I covered up the plenitude of knots with a Christmas-ish strip of fabric. You can tie the fabric in a bow, but I was not having much success getting it to look nice, so I left it in a more rustic knot, ends hanging down.
9. Enjoy! This could be hung on a cabinet knob, like mine currently is, or on a door, or given as a gift. A very small version of sorts could be made and used as an ornament. Possibilities, possibilities !


3 responses to “Dried Apple Wreaths

  1. Elizabeth says:

    i can just imagine the smell!!! yummmmm!

  2. dansvillian says:

    They smelled great and were very yummy to eat. I even let one of my co-workers taste them and she said they were delicious

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